The TOPS at SPAR Corporate Challenge

The TOPS at SPAR Corporate Challenge

It would have taken a brave angler to predict that the 1st Leg results would be eclipsed this last weekend.

Regardless of how ideal the weather conditions might have been or the caliber of fly fisher that harassed the trout – 594 rainbows, at an average of 12 fish per rod is a yardstick that will stand for some time……….famous last words, I hope!


This event has for may a year been a good indicator of trout fishing in the Natal Midlands, allowing a fishery manager to get a solid snapshot of what the waters hold.

Eighteen waters are selected from the stable of 36 under WildFly management, many of these being absolutely private dams that are fished exclusively in this challenge.That the stocking policy is yielding results is beyond question and as always when the fishing is on, the atmosphere at this festive gathering is contagious


I’ve always wondered what it is that makes for a happy fisherman. For some it is all about the fishing, for others it’s getting a chance to experience the environment in which we fish and for many it’s the festivities that drive any fishing. Yet, the common denominator with every team lies in it being exactly that, a team. I think if one had to host an individual tournament, you would end up trying to entertain a band of lonely anglers, concerned only about how many fished were landed.

What makes a fly fishing festival is the chance to fish with family or friends and be able to share those memories of the good times had by all for many a season to come. What’s a memory after all if you’ve no-one to share it with!!


The 2nd leg of the TOPS at SPAR Corporate Trophy Challenge witnessed this. A good bunch of mates, away from the pressures of urban life, enjoying 3 days of uninterrupted festivities.

With a little fishing to boot.


The 1st session yielded 186 fish, the 2nd session 162, the 3rd 125 fish and a surprising 121 trout in the 4th……..remarkable results!

The Biggest Fish went to Gordon Odell from the ‘Green Machines ‘, a 56cm Rainbow hen, so the Quintrex boat up for grabs is being currently held by Mark Keating for his 61cm in leg 1.

The 5 teams that will be returning for the grand final on the 1st August were-:

5th Place ––Bophelong Construction - 24 points

4th Place – Fly Fishing Consultants - 19 points

3rd Place –Ibungezi – 14 points

2nd Place – Insurance Zone -8 points

1st Place – KOI – 7 points

Yet again the spectacular trout fishing played second fiddle to the Legendary Notties, where I hope to be telling many tales for years to come.




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