Yellowfish Invitational



DATE:5th-7th Feb 2016
LOCATION:Qwantani Resort, Sterkfontein Dam

The Yellowfish Challenge is an invitation only event In the height of Yellowfish season held at Qwantani Resort to sight fish the V8’s that dominate the food chain at Sterkfontein Dam.  It’s a laid back, fun filled event with four sessions of sight casting to master Yellowfish off the surface of crystal clear water!  Limited to four teams of six anglers this is the most exclusive event on our fly fishing calendar.


1. Any person who wishes to enter this specific competition must first register and be confirmed
by WildFly to activate your competition participation.
2. Fishing Times must be strictly adhered to. There will be 4 fishing sessions over the two
allocated fishing days. Each session will be announced on the given day, according to prevailing
weather patterns.
3.  Only recognized /bona fide fly fishing equipment may be used.  No lures, bait, spinning or any
other fishing equipment is permissible.  No electronic surveillance equipment or fish finders
allowed. Kick boats and float tubes are allowed, however no motors or any artificial means of
propulsion are to be used when your line is in the water.
4. This is strictly a catch and release competition, all fish caught must be measured in length and carefully released back into the water. Length is measured from the tip of the nose to the V in the
tail. Points are allocated per fish caught and calculated at 100 points per fish and 20 points per
5. All catches must be witnessed by your designated guide / marshal and measured with the
allocated tape measure indicating fish size. Points are allocated based on a submitted, witnessed
catch record. The judges’ decision, in respect to catch records and points allocation is final and
no objections will be considered or correspondence entered into.
6. The target species that the points exclusively apply to is the Small Mouth Yellow fish. There will
be a separate competition for species, with Large Mouth Yellow fish, Barbel, Carp and Bass,
making up the WildFly 5 Trophy.
7. No pets allowed and strictly no lighting of fires on or around the waters. Please do not discard
cigarette butts or any other litter anywhere other than demarcated bins. Remember that we are in
a fire hazard area, so please be exceptionally careful. Please observe all club signs, ensure
gates are properly closed and only use demarcated access roads to the water. A maximum
speed limit of 20kms must be observed on all private property and club vehicles and personnel
have right of way.
9. WildFly, it’s sponsors and organizers do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage
to any property or any injury or illness of any entrant / guest while using the waters, facilities  or
on the property on which the competition is being held. All entrants acknowledge by entering the
competition that they indemnify WildFly, the  sponsors and organizers of the Yellowfish Challenge
against any claims how so ever arising.

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