Water Report 14-06-15

This weekend saw Leg 1 of the Tops Trophy Challenge (TTC) taking place on the stillwaters in and around Nottingham Road.

Frank Ferguson, after winning the Kamberg Trout Festival (KTF), stayed on to fish the TTC and started off the week with another fine fish in practise on a Kamberg Valley water.

There was a frontal system forecast for the latter half of the week, and while decidedly on the chilly side, the weekends weather prospects were much better than that for the KTF the previous weekend.  The system came in on Thursday and we even had some rain - the gauge measured 2.5mm here in central Notties on Friday morning, just enough to put the dust down for a couple of hours; it’s as brown and dry as tinderbox out there now.  The moisture resulted in snow higher up, and even The Giant received a light dusting.

Snowfall at Sani Mountain Lodge


The TTC is centred around the Legendary (some would say infamous) Nottingham Road Hotel, with anglers running out into the valley to their waters and returning for lunches and dinners, and the nightly festivities. 

Opening Day of the Tops Trophy Challenge 2015 - driven by Jeep...

Opening festivities at the Legendary Notties Hotel...!

Just shy of 500 fish were brought to the tape measure in this 1st Leg over 4 fishing sessions on Friday and Saturday, the biggest being 62cm caught by Clinton Savage of Team Mercedes Benz.  

Local angler Sven Turner, after landing only 2 fish in the KTF, returned to form bringing a total of 27 fish to hand, comfortably easing his team, The Notties Nutters, into 2nd place overall. 


Sven Turner's score card...and a 44cm.

Winter Midlands fishing at it's best!


The object of Travers Hatherill's affections...

Top team honours went to Paarl Media KZN.  Andy Kapral took the honours for recording the smallest fish in this leg – 15cm.

 Andy Kapral showing off the size....of his winning fish!

The 2nd Leg of this event takes place at the end of the month over the weekend of 25-28 June - so for the anglers joinging us, leave your party shoes at home...rather bring your party BOOTS!!




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