Water Report 21-06-15

A wee weekend break in the 2015 Tops Trophy Challenge (TTC), and see what the WildFly crew get up to!  As mentioned last week, it's "Stillwater Silly Season” now...taking place on WildFly waters...and the fish are up with it and playing the game...

Rhuan Human (Media Manager) and Richard White (Graphics Designer) showing the fish who's boss, on a streamer pattern developed by Rhuan.  Aptly named "The Frosty" for winter fishing - or so I thought - the pattern was in fact named after the cereal and Tony the Tiger's seal of approval : "THEY'RE G-R-R-R-EAT!"


So there you have it the inside track to a unique new pattern to add to your fishing aresenal.

To see the resulting action, the lads put together a video clip of the fishing, which you can view on the WildFly Fishing Series Facebook page, or click on the image below to go directly to the clip!


My standard moan once again : please do not neglect your Catch Returns - our Fishing Management System and reporting is only as good as the data that goes in - you, our anglers, demand it!

Along with your return, please also submit any pictures of your catches on WildFly waters and we will be happy to use them in our newsletters and extend your bragging rights...

Please also note that all our Nottingham Road-based waters are closed to angling this week in order to rest the waters for Leg 2 of the TCC taking place this coming weekend 25-27 June.  The only waters available over this time are Jackal and Longclaw.  The TCC waters will be available again from Sunday 28 June.

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