Water Report 05-07-15

While the coutryside is looking bleak, brown and burnt - the waters stay wet and the fish get bigger.

Another great week of winter stillwater fishing on WildFly Waters :

Anton Smith 52cm (picture by Wayne Stegen)

Serenity (picture by Wayne Stegen)

Roxanne Stegen into a freight train (picture by Wayne Stegen)

Roxanne Stegen - 53cm (picture by Wayne Stegen)

Wayne Stegen - 58cm (picture by Roxanne Stegen)


This coming weekend sees Leg 3 of the Tops Corporate Challenge (TCC) taking place - the big guns are coming out to play so be sure to have a peek here next week to see what monthers the WildFly waters have yielded...

Please note that all our Nottingham Road-based waters will be closed to angling from Saturday 4 July in order to rest the waters the following week for Leg 3 of the TCC taking place the following weekend 9-11 July.  The only waters available over this time are Jackal and Longclaw.  The waters being used in the TCC will be available again from Sunday 12 July.  The TCC Finals take place on the weekend of 23-25 July.


Be sure to tune into Supersport 8 on 20 July for the premier of Season 10 of the WildFly Fishing Series...in the mean time, you can watch the teaser on the WildFly Fishing Series facebook page...simply click the image below!

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