Water Report 12-07-15

What can we say : (yet) another great week of winter stillwater fishing on WildFly Waters...the Midlands continues to provide to those who seek...

Last week's action :

The "Tweedy Boyz" at it again...bringing it back to fly fsihing! (picture supplied)


Andrew Beach with 3kg / 6lbs+ of winter 'bow. (picture by Wayne Stegen)


This weekend saw Leg 3 of the Tops Corporate Challenge (TCC) taking place - the big guns came out to play, and true to form, some great fish came out once again, the frontal system and inclement weather conditions on Saturday notwithstanding.

"Double Trouble" husband and wife team of Martin and Louise Steenekamp showed us how it's done : Martin bringing to hand some 36 fish over the 4 fishing sessions, and Louise catch including 2 brown trout of 54 and 57cm...!

Tops Corporate Trophy Challenge Leg 3 opening dinner.


Saluting the Challenge "virgins:...

Early morning start (picture by Andrew Beach).

Netted! (picture by Andrew Beach)

Daniel Factor of Team Stealth Fly Fishing with a fine early morning catch. (picture supplied)

Lunch break at the (in)Famous Legendary Notties!


Andrew Beach - the early bird catches...the fish! (picture by Wayne Stegen)

Wayne Stegen with a fine winter rainbow. (picture by Andrew Beach)


The stats to date :
- total fish : Leg 1 - 416, Leg 2 - 499, and Leg 3 - 449; bringing the total to 1364 fish caught over TCC 2015 to date;
- biggest fish : Leg 1 - 62cm, Leg 2 - 63cm, and Leg 3 - 61cm; making 63cm the fish to beat to walk away with that impressive Yamaha tinny.

The prize table...! (picture supplied)


Your honorable Finesand Prize Masters! (picture supplied)


Team ZimmerFrame's elated at making the salection into The finals! (picture by Roxanne Stegen)


For more information, also visit the Tops Corporate Challenge Facebook page.


We look forward to a "Battle of The Giants" as the winners of the Legs hustle for their fish over the weekend of 23rd-25th July...

For those partaking in The Finals, be sure to join the TCC Final 2015 Facebook page to stay on top of the news and developments...


On the fishing front, the forecast for the week ahead has the weather looking somewhat bleak, with temperatures plummeting an even some rain is forecast.

Now here's an interesting idea : Louise Steenekamp, tired of ill-timed punctures on float bladders interefering with her precious fishing time, decided to float-proof her Xplorer V-boat by filling the pontoons with polystyrene balls.

She reports: "As promised, here are some pics of the polystyrene-filled V-boat, showing the 5kg bag of polystyrene balls and empty V-boat, and filled pontoons (the purple that you see through the open zip is the heavy duty plastic I lined the pontoons with) - I filled each pontoon with about 2kg of polystyrene.  

Before...empty V-Boat and 5kg of polystyrene. (picture by Louise Steenekamp)

I believe the weight carrying capacity of these polystyrene balls is about 20kg weight per 1kg of polystyrene. Thus, 4kg’s should be enough for 80kg, plus you still have the styrofoam seat – more than enough for me and all my equipment, with room to spare.

After...V-Boat filled with 4kg of polystyrene balls. (picture by Louise Steenekamp)


It floats like a charm, and the extra weight (of the polystyrene) actually proved to be super useful in the strong winds we had on Saturday."

You saw it first here - all patent applications belong to "Steenekamp Solutions"...!

Please note that all our Nottingham Road-based waters will be closed to angling from Saturday 18 July in order to rest the waters the following week for the Finals of the TCC taking place the following weekend 23rd-25th July.  The waters being used in the TCC will be available again from Sunday 26 July.

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