Water Report 19-07-15

After a week of mildly topsy turvy weather - even a spot of rain - the weekend was positively balmy...that being said, looking at the weather forecast for the week ahead, it's the calm before storm...!

Alphonse Fly Fishing Pro Guides Wesley Rapson and Kyle Simpson traded in sunny tropical Seychelles for the somewhat more chilly Midlands weather and their 12wt's for 5wt's and some R&R before they head back out into the big blue yonder - literally.

A definite change of pace for them, but they found the fish...

Kyle Simpson - inside!  (image by Kyle Simpson)


Kyle Simpson with a 6lb Midlands 'bow. (image by Kyle Simpson)

Wesley and Kyle with their Midlands trophies. (image by Mark de la Hey)


The lads from WildFly also found some action :

Rhuan Human with a 45cm stillwater brown. (image by Richard White)

Richard White with a 52cm rainbow. (image by Rhuan Human)

Graham McCall shook the Midlands Monkey off his back with this fine 50cm rainbow. (image by Graham McCall)


This weekend see's the Finals of the TOPS Corporate Trophy Challenge.  To keep abreast of developments, be sure to join the TCC Finals 2015 Facebook page...

It's going to be a tightly contested event, the stats from the 3 qualifying legs run as follows:

- total fish : Leg 1 - 416, Leg 2 - 499, and Leg 3 - 449; bringing the total to 1364 fish caught over TCC 2015 so far;

- biggest fish : Leg 1 - 62cm, Leg 2 - 63cm, and Leg 3 - 61cm; making 63cm the fish to beat to walk away with that impressive Yamaha tinny.

For the more competitive sprits, here's what they no doubt wish their float tube's looked like - working artillery an' all!


By the looks of the weather forecast at YR.no, it's going to be an interesting one! 


At least our local waters aren't host to these chaps...


Please note that all our Nottingham Road-based waters will be closed to angling this week in order to rest the waters for the TCC Finals taking place this weekend 23rd-25th July.  The waters will be available again from Sunday 26 July.


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