Water Report : 31-08-15

August was a month of contrasts - some fine looking warm days, heralding an early start to summer...

Stunning late afternoon on Lochwood (image by Terry Andrews)


Terry Andrews with a fine Lochwood speckled beauty... (image by Gary Gorton)


Stagstones glass... (image by Terry Andrews)

..but also a spell or 2 of miserable and bitterly cold inbetween.  With a barometer that was jumping all over the place for most of the month, hardly a fish to be seen...

Gary Gorton trying to stay warm on African Shellduck (image by Jan Korrubel)

Time for a break! (image by Jan Korrubel)

 Welcome to Fishing The Midlands - come prepared! (image by Jan Korrubel)

The end of July saw us a receive a proper thunderstorm that dropped some 40mm, bringing the total rainfall for the month to 47.5mm, the most rainfall I have recorded in the month of July for the last 9 years as a resident of Nottingham Road.  

With only a spit and spot of rain since then (less than 5mm recorded in total for the month of August), water levels are dropping fast as the stillwaters are being put to use for irrigation.


I am afraid that once again, I have to reiterate my standard moan : please do not neglect your Catch Returns - our Fishing Management System and reporting is only as good as the data that goes in - you, our anglers, demand it!

Along with your return, please also submit any pictures of your catches on WildFly waters and we will be happy to use them in our newsletters and extend your bragging rights...


Keep an eye out for the WildFly Spring Members Newsletter where we will be announcing some great Spring/Summer tackle specials in the coming weeks!

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