Water Report : 01-03-16

I am happy to report that a lot of water has passed by under the bridge since our last report!  Literally that is - the Kamberg Valley has seen some good rains over January / February, over 400mm since the start of the year.  Here in Nottingham Road, the gauge reports half that.

Water temperatures are still a tad on the high side, but there are some good fish coming out in between the bouts of desert-like temperatures.  Patterns of choice are large, dark streamer patterns to push water and gain the attention of the fish in coloured water.


53cm rainbow hen that fell to an olive strip-leech pattern (picture by Jan Korrubel)


Richard White, on one of the rare cooler days, with a lovely colour 50cm rainbow hen

that also fell to a large olive zonker pattern(picture by Rhuan Human)


As a result of the better rains up in the catchment area, the Mooi and Bushman's rivers are flowing nicely again.


A renewed Reekie Lyn waterfall on The Mooi River, which was down to bare bones at the end of last year

(picture by Jan Korrubel)


The upper Bushman's River in Giant's Castle Reserve (picture by Jan Korrubel)

The fish have been somewhat scarce on the river, however recent reports suggest that with the good flows, they are making a comeback.


 Gareth George with a cracking 53cm brownie from the upper Mooi River

So while summer is still with us for the time being, March is generally when we start slipping slowly towards winter, so cooler weather should be on the cards any time soon - the nights are aleady showing a good temperature differential from the midday peak.


I am afraid that I have to reiterate my standard moan of last year once again : please do not neglect your Catch Returns - our Fishing Management System and reporting is only as good as the data that goes in - you, our anglers, demand it!

Along with your return, please also submit any pictures of your catches on WildFly waters and we will be happy to use them in our newsletters and you can extend your bragging rights...

Keep an eye out for our autumn/winter WildFly Members Newsletter where we will be announcing some great tackle specials in the coming weeks!


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