Water Report : October 2016

Spring has had a slow start in the Midlands – there has been some severe winter-like weather which I strongly suspect has kept the anglers at bay waiting for the proverbial better day.

The Midlands starting to get it's summer colours - but still a chill wind in the air! (image by Jan Korrubel)


As I write this, WildFly Fishing Club member Andrew Fowler reports from the Mooi River that the clouds have lifted revealing (more) snow on the southern ‘Berg. 

The Giant with a recent dusting of snow (03/10/16) (image by Jan Korrubel)


Andrew reports that the river is ever so slightly discoloured (to the anglers favour), and landed a cracking brown on a nymph fished below a strike indicator.

Andrew Fowler on The Mooi, with a fine conditioned 16.5in brown trout (images by Jan Korrubel)


Further upstream in the Thendela Community just outside Kamberg Nature Reserve, Trevor Sithole reports that although the river is still low, he has also been catching on nymphs fished deep.

Trevor Sithole with a fine Mooi River brown (image by Trevor Sithole)

On the stillwater front, reports in from anglers who have braved the weather (not many!) is that there are fish about – damsels, dragons, woolly buggers in olive being the flies and colour of choice at the moment.

We ended September just shy of 55mm in my rain gauge here in Nottingham Road – according to my records, the best September rainfall since the 100mm of 2012.  Long may it continue...


In case you missed our OPEN DAY at the end of September...it was a blast, with great specials on offer!  Keep an eye on your InBox - and this space - we'll be sure to have another one soon!

Brad Cartwright, Jeremy Rochester, Clifton Rochester and Craig Thomassen at the Open Day (image by Pam Thomassen)


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