Water Report : November 2016

After last months report noting that there had been a slow start to Spring, we are pleased to report Nottingham Road ended October with some 75mm in the gauge.  While not quite the 100mm average my records indicate we should have received for the month, a darn site better than the 54mm of last year. 

The Midlands receiving the "Kiss of Life" (image by Jan Korrubel)


The spate of mists and drizzle has been a veritable Kiss of Life to the area, and the fishing shows it!  

It kicked off mid-October with WildFly Fishing Club member Brett Webber, and his lovely lady Lyndall, totting up over 20 fish between them on a Red Letter Day on African Shellduck Dam in the Kamberg.

Lyndall Blaikie with a fine rainbow on African Shellduck (image by Brett Webber)


Brett Webber tight  on African Shellduck (image by Lyndall Blaikie)


And the reports keep rolling in : a recent visit by Mpumalanga anglers Alison O'Brien and Maureen Brits found themselves in the fish...

Maureen Brits with a fine condition rainbow on Plover Dam (image by Alison O'Brien)

A fat rainbow hen caught by Alison O'Brien (image by Alison O'Brien)


We must get the "What's Biting...?" question at least 10x a day in the WildFly Retail store - so here's the answer!  

An olive "Papa Roach" Dragonfly Nymph is a deadly summer pattern (image by Brett Webber)

The rains are getting the fish on the move all round, with reports indicating that the rivers are also currently fishing well.

Trevor Sithole from Thendela with a fine Mooi River brownie (image by Trevor Sithole)


Bushman's River brownie... (image by Christoff Badenhorst)


In case you missed the recent WILDFLY OPEN DAY - we will holding another on Saturday 3 December.

Come and have a cast on our Casting Range with the tackle you have your eye on - diarise and we hope to see you on the day!


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