TOPS Corporate Challenge Leg 3 2015

The qualifying legs of the TOPS Corporate Challenge are now complete, after 1364 obliging trout having been caught and released so far. The festivities typically were the focal point, with Partycipation accounting for a lot more energy output than the actual fishing.


This last leg accounted for 449 specimens, with Gavin Cowell, landing a 61cm Rainbow, taking not only the biggest fish, but also Top angler for his individual quota points of 10240. The remarkable handicap system of 4, 3, 2, 1 yet again took the fishing down to the wire, with a count out for 5th place amongst 3 teams and another count out between 2nd and 3rd place. Assured Angling were the eventual winners of the weekend, with The Zimmerframes runners up and Team Stealth taking the bronze.


The Steenekamp's need commending with Martin notching up 36 fish over four sessions and Louise catching two magnificent Brown Trout, one of 52cm and another impressive 57cm beauty….around eight pounds.The fly patterns that are producing have certainly been varied, from small Hamills Killers and Red Eyed Damsels to a number of attractor patterns trailing a size 14 nymph behind, New Zealand Style.


The finalists are set to congregate at The Legendary Notties from the 23rd July to contest for honors, with every team being guaranteed a fishing holiday just for making it through. So raise a glass to the TOPS Corporate Challenge finalists.

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