African Shelduck
  • Altitude1522m
  • Hecterage8.8ha
  • Biggest Fish66cm
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This irrigation dam is kept full from it’s wonderful mountain catchment and it has one of the longest dam walls relative to it’s surface area. It has for many years produced phenomenal Trout fishing, with both Brown and Rainbow consistently being caught. It has the benefit of two catchment inlets, both being productive and the submerged island / bank in the middle of the dam being an area that Trout frequent. Top fish recorded is a 66cm Rainbow.



GPS Coordinates

(-29.3345788365, 29.848806683800035)

Stocking and Biomass Report

Depending upon factors such as food source. Water temperature and biomass of fish, the age group to weight ratio may vary. This is a representative sample based on our water testing. catch records and random fish sampling.