Crane Foundation
  • Altitude1470m
  • Hecterage2.77
  • Biggest Fish55cm
Access: Basic member only

This dam is situated on the Bill Barnes Crane & Oribi Nature reserve between
the N3 highway and Nottingham Road. It is home to breeding pairs of both
Wattled and Grey Crowned Cranes. The dam is fed from a pure water source and
remains crystal clear through the winter months where one can sight fish to
cruising Trout on the dam wall. It is the perfect water for a quick morning
or afternoon session for both beginners and skilled anglers alike. Crane
Foundation is a day ticket only water.


Crane Foundation



GPS Coordinates

(-29.356949026946207, 29.96417284016843)



Stocking Data

Depending upon factors such as food source. Water temperature and biomass of fish, the age group to weight ratio may vary. This is a representative sample based on our water testing. catch records and random fish sampling.