• Altitude1502m
  • Hecterage3.3ha
  • Biggest Fish58cm
Access: Member only water

With it’s own feeder stream flowing through a natural forest, flanked by a cliff face, this dam offers a wide range of habitat for the fish to thrive in. It’s depth guarantees the trout relief from the Summer heat but it is best explored on a float tube., allowing you to fish the full surface area. one of many productive areas is the right hand bank if facing the wall. Largest rainbow caught recently is 58cm.



GPS Coordinates

(-29.4212453372, 29.868042468999988)

Stocking and Biomass Report

Depending upon factors such as food source. Water temperature and biomass of fish, the age group to weight ratio may vary. This is a representative sample based on our water testing. catch records and random fish sampling.