• Altitude1486m
  • Hecterage1.6ha
  • Biggest Fish64cm

One of the smaller dams in our stable of water, situated on the Fordoun estate, where the better half can enjoy their world class spa while you relax with a rod in hand. Stay out of your float tube as this is an exceptional dry fly fishery and the clarity of the water ensures the fish see you well before you spot them. Great fishing right in the inlet shallows and also on the East bank, no need to throw a long line. Largest Rainbow Trout recorded of 56cm



GPS Coordinates

(-29.3358382474, 30.01909630099999)

Stocking and Biomass Report

Depending upon factors such as food source. Water temperature and biomass of fish, the age group to weight ratio may vary. This is a representative sample based on our water testing. catch records and random fish sampling.