• Altitude1478m
  • Hecterage6.4ha
  • Biggest Fish60cm
Access: Member only water

One of the most secluded Trout waters in the Kamberg Valley, that also overlooks the Hlatikulu. The water is clean enough to mix with a fine single malt and it has some very well appointed weed beds surrounding the edges and inlet. The privacy of this club water makes for an authentic fly fishing experience and the population of ferral Trout will keep you coming back. Largest fish caught has been a 60cm Rainbow Hen.



GPS Coordinates

(-29.2661097443, 29.82849597940003)

Stocking and Biomass Report

Depending upon factors such as food source. Water temperature and biomass of fish, the age group to weight ratio may vary. This is a representative sample based on our water testing. catch records and random fish sampling.