As a member of WildFly you enjoy a wide range of benefits giving you easy access to everything in the realm of fly fishing. Depending on which membership suites your needs and time constraints you can have:

– Unrestricted access to a selection of private lakes and rivers
– Discounts on all your tackle purchases
– Entry into local fly fishing competitions
– First rate advice and instruction from qualified guides

Membership Options

Memberships are structured on six levels:
Temporary Membership:  Valid for a single day – a single days fishing constitutes two fishing sessions, between sunrise and sunset, within 24 hour period.
Executive Membership: Designed for casual fishing enthusiasts, this will give the member 30 days fishing access a year, and standard guest privileges (guests pay the Temporary Membership day-ticket rate).
Standard Membership: Designed for the more than casual fishing enthusiasts, this will give the member 365 days fishing access a year, and standard guest privileges (guests pay the Temporary Membership day-ticket rate).
Family Membership:  This constitutes a Standard Membership as above, and is applicable only to direct family members, with a minimum of two persons.  Offers free fishing for children under 13.
Premier Membership: Created for the experienced angler and guests, this will give the member 365 days fishing access a year, and exclusive guest privileges (guests pay the reduced Temporary Membership day-ticket rate).
Corporate Membership:  Constitutes a Premier Membership as above, and is transferable.  Must consist of a minimum of five (5) memberships to qualify.

– All bookings are subject to availability, and WildFly reserves the right to offer an alternative location or date, should your request not be available.
– Although we will accept booking requests at any time, to avoid disappointment, please book at least 5 working days in advance.


  • Only bona fide fly-fishing equipment and tackle may be used on Club waters.  No spinners, lures, bait or any other method of fishing is permitted.  Should you be in anyway unsure if your equipment is allowed, please confer with our Fishery Manager. 
  • Catch and release is the rule of law. When releasing fish, please ensure that you are well versed in the correct technique, as detailed in the member booklet and our web site.  In winter egg-bound hens should be carefully stripped to prevent unnecessary mortality.
  • In terms of a Trophy fish, the minimum length of a Stillwater fish that may be removed from the water is 70 centimetres.  The maximum bag limit as above, if applicable, per angler per day is 1 fish. 
  • Removing undersize fish or exceeding the permissible individual bag limit as indicated on the booking form, will result in a fine, not exceeding R2500.00 and may further result in your membership or access to Club waters and facilities being suspended or cancelled.
  • No pets, camping, lighting of fires, carry of firearms, littering, or destruction/removal of any fauna is allowed around Club waters or surrounding property, and Members must observe any signs or demarcated prohibitive areas.
  • Members must observe country etiquette: Close all gates behind them, do not throw lit cigarettes or stubs into the countryside, drive below 30 kilometres per hour on farm roads, and give way to crossing cattle and employees of the farm and their vehicles.
  • Members are reminded that access to Club waters is at the grace of the Farm owners, and hence being private property they must abide by an instruction of the owner, who reserves the right of admission.  Under no circumstances may a Member be involved in a criminal act of any nature whatsoever whilst utilizing Club waters or on the surrounding private property.
  • Guests of any Member, who has guest privileges, must complete a temporary membership form and remain the responsibility of the principal member.
  • Bookings must be made a minimum of 5 working days in advance, and are only deemed valid if you are in the possession of a confirmed booking form from the Club. 
  • Confirmed bookings can only be changed at the sole discretion of the Club, and the Club reserves the right to change or cancel any booking.
  • Submission of Catch Returns is compulsory irrespective of whether fish were caught.  Said returns must be completed in full and returned via hand, Facsimile, Email or Web Site, within 72 hours of the booking date.  This critical to the management of the water and the failure to submit this information, following a request to do so, will result in an automatic fine of R50 per very overdue day, not exceeding R200.  Please understand that this information allows us to provide you with consistent quality in terms of fishing and thus is essential that the forms are completed accurately and on time.  We have made this process extremely simple and convenient, so please give this issue serious attention.  Should a member fail to submit his return within 7 days, membership will be suspended until such time as the return is submitted.  Repeat offences will result in membership being terminated.
  • All Club competitions are strictly for members only, subject to prevailing rules as published periodically on our web site.  The results of which will be independently audited, the winners notified in writing and published on the web site.  No correspondence regarding the results will be entered into or considered, the Clubs decision is absolute and final.
  • Members are requested to take as much photographic footage of their catches and excursions as possible.  These will be entered into competitions and featured on select Club paraphernalia and as advertising material, for the express purpose of promoting the WildFly.

Note: Joining fees are paid on enrolment and all membership levies are collected monthly in advance, electronically, via debit order on your bank account or credit card. Fees are subject to inflationary increases; and all memberships are for a minimum period of 12 months.



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For anything that you need in the realm of fishing, please give us a call and one of our experienced guides will be on hand to help.