As the age-old expression goes, “I hope when I’m gone my Mrs. doesn’t sell my fishing gear for what I told her I paid for it.”

Before each fishing trip, it’s hard not to visit your nearest fly shop and stock up on ‘essentials’ trying not to count the cost. Well, we think it’s about time that you get some dividend for your investment in fishing gear.

Introducing a simple program to give you just reward for your time spent fishing!

Every year, based on what you decide to buy in tackle, we’ll give you a proportion of your spend back in Tackle Bucks, allowing you to accrue this value and treat yourself to that new piece of fishing tackle that you’ve been eyeing out or better still, to pay for your next fishing holiday.

Our prices are competitive, so this is not a cost added to what you buy from us, but rather value that we add, so you can redeem on your next fishing trip.You have a full 12 months in which to earn & redeem your Tackle Bucks, giving you time to save for that fishing holiday or the latest piece of much needed gear.

Throughout the year we’ll be awarding bonus Tackle Bucks on select purchases or just for the fact that you’re ageing like a good single malt.

It’s all automatic, with totals reflected in each purchase and on your account, so sign up today and start getting your just deserts!

Excludes: Promotional Items & Special Offers